Our Process

We follow a process that makes the switch to solar power easy. From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Initial Contact

Step 1:

Initial Contact

In our initial contact, we’ll gather the information we need to design a solar system that produces the right amount of energy for your home or business.

Meeting with Client to Discuss System

Step 2:

Meeting to Discuss System

We’ll then meet with you to discuss the system we’ve designed. If you decide to install the system, this is also when the contract is signed.

Survey property for solar solutions

Step 3:

Site Survey

Next, we’ll perform a site survey. This helps us understand what we’ll need to do at your property to properly install your new solar system.

Step 4:

Permit Submissions

On your behalf, we’ll apply for the required permits and notify the electric company. We’ll also help you with obtaining any needed HOA approvals.


Step 5:

Order Materials

While awaiting all the necessary approvals, we’ll order your solar system and the materials needed for installation.

Schedule Installation

Step 6:

Schedule Installation

Once approvals are met, we’ll schedule your installation.

Installation of Solar Equipment

Step 7:


We’ll install your system! Installation is quick and complete in a day or two.

Maintenance of Property and System

Step 8:

System Maintenance

Our support doesn’t end at installation. As maintenace needs arise for your system, we’ll be there to help, often at no additional cost to you.

Now anyone can create their own home solar design.

See your home’s solar design and savings in less than a minute.