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Providing the Best Providing the Best Residential Solar Panel Installation Service for North Carolina & Texas

Whether you got a new home or moving to another one, our company, Thompson & Son Energy would definitely help you greatly to install the solar panels. Besides offering residential solar panel installation services, we also facilitate professional solar panel removal/re-installation services. While relocating your home, the ardent needs would be for the panels to get removed safely and then reinstalled by professional teams. It goes without saying that such power generation systems always help the homeowners to save electricity bill up to 20 to 30% thus reduce the carbon footprint to the greater extent.

The number of people getting solar power in Texas has been growing manifold nowadays due to easy financing options, good climatic conditions and obviously the increasing cost of electricity and reducing prices of equipment remain pivotal.

We work with the number of lending institutions and financing partners to help our customers find the best method for financing their system.

  • Solar Lease

  • Solar Loans

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Residential Solar Energy for North Carolina

Solar Panels for Your Home in Texas

There are the number of benefits to install residential solar panels for your home in Texas. Apart from the upfront utility rebates, there is full 1 for 1 net metering and also 30% federal tax credit for all. In addition, a short payback period of 8 years or less for an investment is available in the solar panels for your home.

We are well-established solar power installation company, thus whenever you come to know of us, consider your investment is in the good hands. Indeed, going solar is easier now. Thanks to some major solar incentives and rebates in Texas which made it possible.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels 

  • Increase your Energy Independence

  • Protection Against the Higher Electricity Bills

  • Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

  • Protect the Environment

  • Long-lasting Warranty

  • Get Rebates

Frequently Ask Questions

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Texas?

The exact cost of a solar panel varies upon a number of things like the size, the type, the technology you require and et al. But, the tentative cost of a 5kW solar electric power system in Texas would go to approximately $20,000, including the cost for all components like solar panels, panel mounts, and inverters besides the required labor cost. Once you get it installed, you would be able to save so much money on the electricity bills and be able to take advantage of the available tax credits.

Choose a Residential Solar Energy Company in Texas

We, at Thompson & Son Energy, are a professional residential solar energy company with over 60 years of experience. We have installed over 1000 projects and are well equipped with the latest technology, in-house trained installers/technicians and have the engineering expertise to help our customers choose better options for their homes. We know that choosing the right solar system depends upon a number of factors like your household’s energy consumption, current energy bills, geographical location and weather amongst others. Our experts will help you select a system which is durable enough to withstand various climatic conditions.

Free Quotation for Solar Panel Installation at Your Home

Thompson & Son Energy has in-house trained and experienced solar panel technicians and installers to visit the properties of our clients to give them an accurate free quotation for solar panel installation at their homes in Texas. Call us now or send us an email, so that we can assign someone to visit your place at your earliest convenience.

Get our quotations now for your residential solar panel installation in Texas for a memorable experience.

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