About Us

We Have a Vision.

We provide a personal touch to the installation of solar energy across the Carolinas, promoting clean energy and improving our environment.

It’s Our Mission.

To provide the best for our customers, Thompson and Son Energy provides the latest in solar technology for all installations.

We put our customers first, while maintaining steady profits to increase job growth and greater impact to our environment.

We guide our customers throughout the entire conception, design and installation process, which we tailor to the homeowner’s or business' needs.

Our employees thrive while we work to provide clean energy across the Carolinas.

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Owned & Operated

Thompson and Son Energy Solutions LLC is a local, veteran-owned, clean energy company serving the Carolina’s out of Concord, NC since 2014. We strive to be the local company you can count on for all of your Solar, Storage, Electric Vehicle Charging and General Electrical Contracting needs.


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Local Company

We’re a local, family owned and operated company. We pride ourselves in directly supporting our customers in the communites where we live.

Serving North and South Carolina for all solar and energy needs.
Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

We put our customers first and act with integrity. The proof is in our repeat business. Fifty percent of our yearly income is from repeat customers. From designing the most effective system to meet your power needs to getting the permits and permissions required for installation to efficiently installing your new system, we’ll be there to guide you through the process.

Solar Making History

Launched on March 17, 1958, Vanguard 1 was the fourth artificial Earth satellite and the first to use solar cells as its primary power source. The solar panels on Vanguard 1 were relatively small by today’s standards but were pioneering in their use of solar energy for powering a satellite.

Trusted Partner

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