New Construction Services. Residential power, reimagined.

New construction provides a number of advantages over installing on existing homes. Builders can distinguish themselves by providing comprehensive solar, storage, and vehicle charging ecosystems. This approach allows homeowners to reduce or eliminate utility bills, minimize or eliminate monthly transportation fuel expenses, and enhance off-grid resilience for both their home and vehicle.

Solar adoption among builders in the Carolinas has experienced significant growth in recent years because the value is incredible. Thompson & Son is committed to assisting homebuilders in recognizing the advantages of integrating solar energy systems into new construction homes, smaller multi-family units, public/retail vehicle charging, and community centers.

Solar panels are no longer considered a luxury reserved for eco-conscious consumers; the clean energy market is mature and the technology is proven. Solar products and services are making the transformation from a sold commodity to a bought commodity. It is only a matter of time until your customers expect the option.

Planning for clean energy from the start ensures we have optimal selection and placement of equipment, trees, landscaping features, etc that become obstacles after the home has been occupied.

Whole-home wiring or clean energy only. We’ll tailor our services to your needs. We can wire the whole home, or simply prewire for the cleanest, most efficient, and most aesthetically pleasing installations.

Key Features:

Thompson & Son uses only premium products with industry leading warranties.

25-30 year warranty covering parts and labor. We include SolarInsure or Powercare warranties and squirrel guard with every new installation. Most issues happen in the first 2-3 years. Squirrel damage is the #1 non-warranty damage. Our squirrel guard prevents that damage for years of worry and pest-free solar savings.We prevent that from Day 1.

We will design your system for what’s most important to you, cost savings, energy independence, environmental goals, electric vehicle charging, or off-grid resilience. Utility companies vary in how they compensate homeowners for excess power generation.

The option to include the cost of solar in the home mortgage, providing an easy funding solution, cost savings, and predictable, fixed, inflation-proof energy cost.

Incentives for Solar Builders: Customers may qualify for incentives, including:

  • Federal tax credit of 30%
  • Duke Power-Pair up to $9k Solar + Storage Rebate in 2024

  • Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress’ offers up to $1033 to cover the cost of electrical prep work for an EV Charger.

  • This increases the value proposition. Homeowners can eliminate monthly transportation fuel expenses, power bills with Solar EV Charging. Bi-directional EV Charging allows the vehicle to be powered by the sun and the home to be powered by the vehicle* during outages and emergencies.

Thompson & Son guarantees:

We sell only the highest quality products with the best record of reliability. Despite the fancy marketing of manufacturers, as a solar service company, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Warranties from Thompson and Son, the manufacturer, and a 25-30 year parts and labor warranty, fully transferable, at no cost to either party.

Proactive Monitoring for faster responses to issues. We can often detect and remotely fix an issue without the customer having to do anything.

It’s a financial no-brainer. The option to roll the solar system installation purchase price into the home loan, with tax-deductible interest on top of the 30% Federal Income Tax Credit, can be a significant benefit for homeowners. The homeowner receives an ENORMOUS value for a minimal increase in the mortgage, leading to substantial reductions in utility bills for 25-40 years or more. We will provide you with sales information and training to prepare your sales team.

Whole-home wiring for new construction.

Whole-home wiring or clean energy only. We’ll tailor our services to your needs. We can wire the whole home, or simply prewire for the cleanest, most efficient, and most aesthetically pleasing installations possible.

Launched on March 17, 1958, Vanguard 1 was the fourth artificial Earth satellite and the first to use solar cells as its primary power source. The solar panels on Vanguard 1 were relatively small by today’s standards but were pioneering in their use of solar energy for powering a satellite.